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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 31, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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. new this morning at this hour, deputies are dealing with the first homicide of the year in the east bay city of rodeo. christie smith will tell what you happened coming up in a live report. >> the search continues for the nursing student who disappeared. what her familiar sly saying. a woman accused of kidnapping her own granddaughter returns to the bay area. a live look at the bay bridge on this tuesday morning. it is may 31. this is "today in the east bay."
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good morning, everybody. it is 4:30 this tuesday morning. probably feels like a monday for a lot of us this morning. christina, changing the forecast. >> oh, yes. significant change in the forecast. feels like a monday morning. that feels good because you have a four-day workweek to look forward to. we have showers coming down across the bay area this morning. and these showers will continue as we head throughout the morning hours. actually ramp up a little bit between now and 11 low clock a.m. and get a nice break but take a listen to this. we have rain chances, each and every day. all the way throughout the weekend. wet rainy pattern. yes, tomorrow is june 1. believe it or not. yes, i will break it down for you coming up. let's talk about the drive through the rain in the east bay. >> leading to june gloom gray. looking forward to that, christina. east shore freeway, as we talked about a lot of folks got yesterday off. this being a tuesday and the first day back for a lot of folks workweek you may see heavy
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volume of traffic coming down through here. right now no major issue other than maybe wet roads, though. pointing out east bay getting overnight sprinkles and rain through the area. and antioch has construction. eastbound highway somersville. exit bay point. that should be picked up about 5:30, right on schedule. >> thank you. it is 4:32 now. new this morning police in the small city of rodeo are investigating the city's first homicide this morning. today in the east bay is christie smith is live in rodeo this morning with more on the story for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. i can tell you sheriff's deputies have two streets blocked off here. they are investigating right now, have been here for several hours. this is a homicide that happened last night around 10:40. they believe that the victim may live in this area. here is what they are telling me. he was sitting in a white van when someone on foot opened fire
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and neighbors reported hearing a barrage of gunfire when deputies arrived they tell me the victim only identified at this point as a white male in his 20s, was dead on the scene. they are telling me this found nothing unusual around the van that he was in. they still, though, have not gone inside of it. they were waiting for the coroner to arrive who just pulled up within the last two minutes or so. at this point they are telling me they are not getting a lot of cooperation from neighbors out here. so they are asking anyone that might have any information to please give them a call. reporting live in rodeo, christie smith, "today in the east bay." this morning oakland police are still looking for people responsible for a sunday night double homicide. 28-year-old la toya kenny of union city and 29-year-old eric bush were shot on international boulevard near 88th avenue. the shooting happened after a memorial day party hosted by the east bay dragons motorcycle
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club. and in front of the club are tire marks from the signs show began after the party. >> like young kids having fun and everything. next thing you know positive, positive, positive, here comes shots. two of them got killed and one wounded. she is still in the hospital fighting for her life. >> a member of the motorcycle club tells the bay area news group that the club's barbecue had ended long before the side show began. fire crews in the east bay called in to question this morning after witnesses say they watched a man drown in the waters off alameda. it happen order the beach along shoreline drive near willow street. police and fire responded quickly after a man walked into the water fully clothed. witnesses say that emergency crews watched from the shore as the man bobbed in the water for almost an hour. police issued a statement saying that the fire department is not certified to do water rescues. the coast guard was called but they arrived too late. a woman swimming nearby ended up
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pulling the man to shore but he was not responsive. still more questions than answers this morning in the case of missing nursing student michelle le. today the east bay's kimberly terry reports le's family is offering a reward for information to help find her. >> it is hard not to assume the worse. but we are trying. >> reporter: the family of 26-year-old michelle le is desperate to find her. i just want her home. >> reporter: they are offering a $20,000 reward to anyone with information on information of her whereabouts p. she was last leaving kaiser hayward hospital as she was doing a clinical rotation. a surveillance camera is showing what is believed to be le's car leaving the hospital. it is found a half mile from the
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hospital. >> it looks suspicious. her car was taken from a parking lot and parked a short distance away. left there. >> reporter: family are being tight-lipped and so are family and friends. le's family has come in from all over california to support each other. her brother says this is out of character for le who is always responsible and calls him frequently. >> she has always been a better -- a better child, daughter, than i have been a son in my opinion. she's always protected me ever since our mom passed away like ten years ago. when i was 11. she really became like a mother figure to me. almost overprotective. i'm 23. but she's still -- tries to take care of me as best as she can. >> reporter: kimberly terry, "today in the east bay." >> the grandmother accused of kidnapping her own grand daughter from an east bay home will be brought back to the bay
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area today. she transported. she was accused of breaking into her son's home near pittsburg and taking her 4-month-old granddaughter to southern california. gaego's neighbor said she fake ad pregnancy and and planned to raise the baby as her own. the baby is back home safe. she's charged with kidnapping and burglary. jury deliberations resume this morning in the case against the two men accused of killing oakland journalist chauncey bailey. jurors have been off since thursday because of the memorial day holiday. they are trying to decide if he's guilty of ordering three murders in 2007 and including bailey's. the other defendant, antoine mackey, is accused of taking part in all lee of those murders. prosecutors say that bay, the former founder of your black muslim bakery, ordered bailey's death to keep him from writing about the bakery's financial
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troubles. pg&e will begin gas line pipe testing in newark. the utility will test the pipe that runs west of the lake district. testing will run through june 24. pg&e is performing tests on 150 miles of aging natural gas pipelines similar to the one that exploded in san bruno. the alameda county board of supervisors will hold several public hearings to talk about redistricting. state law requires the process after new census data released every ten years. the first meeting takes place tonight at 6:00 in dublin. city council chambers. on wednesday, tomorrow, meeting will be held at hayward's city hall starting at 6:00 in the evening. then on thursday, you can catch a 6:00 p.m. meeting at san lorenzo's village home's association. three more meetings scheduled to take place in the next week. 4:38 now. it is chilly outside. i can definitely feel the change in temps overnight and we will check in with christina loren
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with a look at the weather. >> a wet pattern that's not going to let up all the way throughout the weekend. unfortunately. the good news is that we need this rain to replenish our water supplies throughout the summer months but right now we are getting slammed up in the north bay. that's been the case all night long. that will continue to be the case today. they are going to see the most moisture up there. areas north of the golden gate prij brij in particular. marin county. you might get a little bit of a break. but i think santa rosa, napa, can get hit hard today. this is why we got this system of low pressure. it is a strong system and it is actually dig thing trough digging in. so i do think they southern california is going to get a bit of action out of this as well. step out of the way and futurecast shows you by 3:00 m.m., mostly dry bay area and just a few showers lingering over the north bay but overall, we are looking at a pretty nice second half of the day. we have more rain that will move in tonight. another round as we head through tomorrow morning. and then we will get a bit of a break one day thursday. more rain towards the weekend. i have your full forecast coming
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up in just moments. right now it is 4:39. back to work tuesday, mike. >> all right. we will look for thursday's weather. that will be the highlight. looking over here. highlight for livermore is right now westbound. commute direction very light. it is tuesday. and again, welcome back to workweek still a lot of folks will be hit thing portion of roadway. 580 to 680. 680 nice drive through san ramon, danville, heading off the venecia bridge. travel times, major east bay looking good. 242, 580, both roadways through oakland looking nice as well. live shot. bay bridge and volume of traffic light. as you might expect coming off of the east shore freeway. glow to the lights because there is moisture in the air and rain hitting some parts of the east. already this morning. san mateo bridge, wind advisory yesterday cameras still shaking just a tad bit. there's no major issues. winds should be okay as you come over the high-rise. we will still watch it because
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you can get caught with a gust or two. back to you. >> mike, you are like half meteorologist and half reporter. >> and half something else. >> no. that doesn't make sense. 100%. $10,000 from the city. i think that they are passing the cost on to the individual citizens. >> a stinky stand-off that could cause homeowners thousands. what one city is doing that could soon be coming to your corner of the bay area. plus, a local company is giving their laptop as makeover. that and the rest of your business news coming up in a live report. an east bay native going for an nba title. hometown guy. you want to root for.
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welcome back at 4:44. the quake in japan still having a negative effect on the auto industry. auto production in the country plunged more than 60% in april. a dramatic drop from the same month last year. the japanese automakers are not expecting to return to pre-disaster levels until later this year. for more on how the news is affecting the market we turn to nicole lapin.
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good morning, nicole. >> good morning, marla. futures are significantly high they are morning. stocks lost ground last week amid europe's crisis. we saw asia rise overnight and that trickled over to europe and that's trickling over to us. there are those several economic reports i want to tell you about this week. topped off by big daddy of them all, the friday key jobs report. today we get numbers on home prices and manufacturing and consumer confidence which we will be watching closely. to recap the dow rose 38 points on friday to 12,441. mass dakota composite added 13. 2796 we closed there. meeting headlines intel giving the laptop a much needed makeover. the company has unveiled a new line of netbooks. it says will include the best features of tablets. it says those ultra books which is what they are calling them will be on sale by christmas and cost under a thousand bucks and could make up 40% of all laptop
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sales by the end of next year. sony expecting to completely restore online playstation network by the upcoming weekend except in parts of asia. the japanese consumer electronics giant is still dealing with the effects of those hacker attacks on playstation and other gaming networks that impacted more than 100 million users. those are the latest headlines making news out of cnbc. back to you. >> thank you very much, nicole. potentially smelly situation underground causing stink above ground in one east bay city. it involves miles of sewer lines in san leandro. the city says it does not have to maintain the lines anymore. >> reporter: michelle bloomstein is crying foul when a situation she believes just stinks. >> it is a $10,000-plus bill from the city.
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i think that they are passing the cost to infrastructure on to the individual citizens. >> reporter: bloomstein is one of homeowners in the dowling triangle who may be forced to shell out several thousand dollars. >> so all of this that we have is now useless. >> reporter: because of a new city ordinance, homeowners like bloomstein could be hit with a $10,000 bill. in order to pay to move and reconnect the lateral sewer lines that run on their private property to the new main line. >> we expect sewers, police, fire, and roads and street lights. these are all basic infrastructure we expect from the taxes. >> reporter: the city argues they are only legally responsible for paying the main line and providing a point of connection. not the private will you owned connecting lines. >> nothing wrong with these people's laterals. but -- what's happening here in the city is the city is moving the main, abandoning main sewer
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lines we paid the city for for years. >> reporter: the neighbors say the city maintained backyard sewers for decades. >> everybody around here sort of converges here. >> reporter: and believes forcing residents to pay is a scary road to go down. >> because this is an issue of city infrastructure which will strike every city in california. if san leandro can abandon what has always been their infrastructure kit happen anywhere. this is an issue for everybody in california. 4:48 now. at least the rain stayed away for memorial day. it is here for your tuesday morning. christine a what can we expect? >> if you wanted to sleep in this morning, unfortunately you probably don't have that luxury. up want to give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination safely. good news is this rain is going to clear out our air quality. we will have good air quality as we enter into tomorrow morning and also we are going to see a lower pollen count which is great news for people that have been sniffing and sneezing the whole nine yards. finally a break. this is what we are looking at.
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we have showers pushing through the bay area. mostly the north bay as i zoom in for you i can show you exactly where they are headed. they are coming in from the pacific and mostly headed off to the northeast this morning. they are moving pretty quickly. watch out for slick conditions throughout the east bay. this will be the pattern we are looking towards. at least until about maybe noon, maybe 11:00 a.m. if you are lucky this morning. by 3:00 p.m., mostly dry bay area that will last into tonight and have another round of rain to get through as we head through tomorrow. temps are cool this morning. we are in the 50s. 55 degrees. that's where we are in concord. headed towards about 65 degrees in the heat of the day. 4:00 p.m. is when our highs check in this time of year. few showers to get through tomorrow. thursday we will get a nice dry break. if you need to make those outdoor plans thursday is your day to do so. friday, saturday, a stronger round of rain moves in and then finally sunday, monday we will see the big blocking ridge set up. we have a few wet days to get through. that means hold off on washing that car. back to you, marla. >> thank you, christine. >> a taking a look at sports headlines. the as and yankees will be back
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in action tonight at the coliseum. oakland is hoping to bounce -- will come alive against the yankees. last night they were shut out by new york. final score, 5-0. east bay native jason kidd is getting ready to go for something that's eluded him his entire career. clip ring. tonight it is kidd's mavericks taking on lebron james and the heat. kidd, of course, is a former cal bear and at 38, it could be the oakland native's last shot at a title. kidd says he knows the mavs have experience on their side but it will take much more than that. >> patience is one thing. and also just understanding the game of basketball. can be very nice and also cruel at the same time. you just have to, again, we are enjoying this moment but we have to win four games. >> have to wait and see what happens. coming up, the crew of the
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shuttle "endeavour" making their final prep this morning for their return home. they are less than 24 hours from touching down. and a new season of "america's got talent" will start tonight. sneak preview coming up. return to bay area's got traffic. lot of folks heading back after a nice long weekend. we have rain on the roads and we will sho uu whwh elsisis is ear but there still stuff goinonon. coming back for your commute.
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bad weather in san ramon kept the hot air balloons ground order memorial day. six balloons were supposed to launch yesterday but the wind at the art and wind festival ironically was just too much. organizers still gave the crowd something to look at, though. inflated some of the balloons. festival organizers say yesterday's wind was blowing towards the ocean which, of course, would make it bad for landing. now we want to get a check on what we are working on for today in the bay. we turn to laura. she has a look ahead. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. news conference later today could stir up an old murder case. right now scott is behind bars after he was convicted of killing the wife of famed attorney daniel horowitz. today deleski's attorneys are going to suggest that would implicate horowitz in the crime. he was never investigated or brought to the grand jury. a new game in the works?
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those stories and more coming up. >> thank you very much, laura. space shuttle endeavour. astronauts on endeavour said good-bye to the grew onboard the iss and sealed the hatch this morning. this is the last time the space shut local see the outer limits. endeavour is expected to land tomorrow morning at 2:30 at kennedy space center in florida. nasa says it will be keeping a close eye on the weather as it always does and after landing endeavour will head to a museum in california. 4:55 and we are going to get a look at the roads. something happening in palo alto. >> we don't have a lot going on here. we have a north bay incident. san antonio is probably where you got wind of that. sorry about that, marla. in the bay area, petaluma, your old neck of the woods. we will follow that. traffic moving smoothly. that's a nice flow of traffic here. heading towards the maze. no major impact to traffic
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there. we do have eastbound construction to somersville and continue until 5:30. westbound is there. direction for the commute and wet roads are what is going on in the east bay as well. live look at oakland showses the glowing lights. you will get sprinkles throughout the east bay and follow this but no major issues reported so far. i will send it back to you. >> i knew that. i was making sure -- >> you were paying attention. >> you are on your toes. nbc's hit variety show "america's got talent" returns tonight for a whole new season. >> michael grimm! >> of course you are looking at the announcement of last year's winner. not only did he win $1 million and his own show in vegas but also released his first album earlier this month. this season expected to include a pew more surprises. judges say you will see more unique and crazy performances which is what sets this show apart from the rest. >> i say this without a doubt, you can expect the unexpected. >> ages, sizes, colors, whatever
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it is, any talent we want to see. >> the season kicks off with a special two-hour episode starting tonight at 8:00 right here on nbc bay area. coming up, new immigration policies that san francisco sheriff's department going head-to-head with the federal government. plus, hundreds of dui cases are up in the air and one bay area county. why some drivers h their driving records wiped clean of their dui arrest.
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police are trying to figure out what happened to a nursing student who disappeared mysteriously over the weekend. we will have that story coming up. new this morning. investigators in rodeo on the scene of the city's first homicide of the year. i'm christie smith. we will tell you what happened coming up in a live report. if the governor cannot get it done, one mayor says he will


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